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  1. One who prepares and sells compounds to enhance your Quality of Life.

  2. The art, practice, or profession of preparing, compounding, and dispensing elements to uplift one's Quality of Life.


 Our Story, Our Mission: 

Welcome to Queensbridge Apothecary, your modern-day sanctuary—a safe, inclusive, and sacred space created just for you.

In 2021 we hit the lab & reimagined the "old medicine shoppe" and birthed a modern "apothecary", tailored to the souls of Black Women, Women of Color, and Women everywhere. 

Today, we're a vibrant community of women dedicated to supporting and uplifting one another, united by a shared mission: living lives life filled with unapologetic self-care, authentic joy and unshakeable balance.

In today's fast-paced world, we understand the importance of simple self-care routines that reduce stress and elevate your mood. That's why we proudly offer the finest edible THC treats on the market, accompanied by the essential Cannabinoid Education you need to indulge in your goodies with confidence!

At Queensbridge Apothecary, we are more than a purveyor of fine THC edibles; we are a supportive community, a source of knowledge, and advocates for women's empowerment.


Join us on this transformative THC journey as we bring you the best in self-care, education, and, most importantly, a sense of belonging. If you've been here since the beginning, thanks for being a member of our tribe. #QueenTribe #OurTribeHasGoodVibes

Reach out with questions or business inquiries: Service@QueensbridgeApothecary

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