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Delta-8 THC wax, also known as Dab, is a highly potent THC concentrate. Each package contains 2 grams of Dab/wax - That's 2,000 mg of Delta-8 THC! 


New To Dabs? Here's How To Use Them:

Add a small amount of our dab concentrate to a vaporizer rig. No rig? No problem. You can also add dab to the outside of a joint, or in a bong to achieve a dynamic and euphoric experience.



  • Berry Runtz
  • Limited Edition Dream Walker 
  • Limited Edition Lemon Diesel 


Cannabinoid Type(s) Per Serving: 

  • One small drop of concentrate per serving


What's Inside:

  • 2g of Delta 8 THC; 2,000mg Delta 8 THC

Wax Dabs (2g) - Delta 9 THC

SKU: 0616430040532

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