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Why Queensbridge? Why Now?

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

No other group in America has so had their identity socialized out of existence as have Black women,”

In a world hellbent on not just ignoring our needs, but erasing our very existence, Queensbridge Apothecary was created to "stand in the gap", as a bridge. To share, to love, to educate, and to provide our communities with culturally relevant products & services that encourage Black Women to practice unapologetic self-care.

If the last few years have taught us anything, it's that life can change in the blink of an eye. The unexpected twists and turns of late have forced us ALL to inspect the lives we've become accustomed to, and to demand positive and sustainable change...

Since 2020, we've witnessed an explosion of self-help books, gurus & start-up companies focused on enhancing women's quality of life by ending patriarchal oppression and remedying social injustice. Companies and politicians toted commitments to diversity, equity and inclusion. Social media was awash with hashtags, campaigns, and celebrity cancelations. We were forced to reevaluate even our most basic core beliefs. We asked ourselves hard questions, like, "are we truly fulfilled or are we complacent?" and "are we living out our full potential, or are we being driven by the fear of the unknown?"

Like many others, we at Queensbridge Apothecary began to re-assess our relationships, careers, political affiliations, spiritual beliefs and everything in between... and we found that as Black Women, two unique questions resurfaced time and again, "Are we truly being loved and supported for who we are?" and "Are we welcome here, or are we simply being tolerated?"

What we discovered wasn't shocking, but it was our call to action. Unfortunately, we found that we weren't being loved and appreciated in the spaces we'd been forced to live in. In many instances, we weren't even being tolerated.

We were compelled to do our part to change this.

We threw off stereotypes that labeled us as being "too angry" in the face of social, economic and academic injustices. We rejected tropes that categorized us as a monolith of "strong black women" built to handle immeasurable amounts of pain, oppression & negligence. We decided immediately that we would push back against society's erasure and neglect of our needs!

Queensbridge Apothecary was our response. Not just a company, but a bridge, both literally and spiritually to support Queens of Color as we travel back- back to our roots, to our ancestors, to our Devine Feminine Energy, and as we travel forward on the journey of becoming our best selves.

At Queensbridge Apothecary, all who support our values are welcome, keeping in mind

that we created this space with intentionality, placing Black Women at the forefront.

We aren't perfect, but we are dedicated and hyper-focused on creating a community where Black Women can come, to be loved in our entirety. We strive each day to carve out a larger and larger space in the world, where Black Women can be human, authentic, strong and yet fragile- a space where we feel seen and beautiful and valued.

Thank you for walking with us. Thank you for choosing to be a member of our community. Thank you for standing in the gap with us, because together we are mighty. Together we can move mountains and change the world. Together we are visible. For, we know that , together anything is possible. Together everything is possible.

With Unconditional Love & Appreciation,

Your Queensbridge Apothecary Family


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